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We appreciate this opportunity to present our qualifications and to serve your professional needs. We at Joel E. Sammet & Co., LLP very much want to be a part of your business advisory team.


Our staff are kept current on recent Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) pronouncements called Accounting Standards Updates (ASUs), and have extensive knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. We can provide you with guidance on all accounting matters including financial statement preparation, disclosures, and proper recording of transactions.


We are guided by General Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) and other pronouncements by the AICPA, in performing our audit. Our team utilizes the most up to date technology and audit tools to allow us to conduct efficient audits at a reasonable cost to the client. Significant amounts of work are done during interim periods to speed the process. Audits may be required if your company seeks to obtain substantial financing, bonding, or be a party to a strategic transaction.

Business and Personal Taxes

We possess the knowledge and experience after 90+ years in business to handle any tax issue that confronts our clients. We can prepare any kind of business or personal tax return in any jurisdiction within the United States. We have represented many clients in tax audits with the Internal Revenue Service and various state agencies. Through extensive tax research, and planning techniques, we make sure our clients receive the most professional service available.

Business Valuations

We can assist our clients in determining the value of their business for life insurance purposes or other strategic purposes such as a sale of the company. In certain circumstances, this may require the use of outside specialists that are Certified Business Valuation consultants.

Computerization Assistance

We often work with systems developers and analysts to automate operational business functions. For example, we may guide a company to convert its employee time record keeping system from a manual one to a completely automated one that is integrated with both payroll and the accounting system.

Financial & Estate Planning

Guiding our clients through all phases of the life cycle is a very important part of our practice. Utilizing tax planning, professional investment guidance, and our experience, we can help our clients setup a plan for college funding, retirement, general wealth management and preservation, and estate planning.

Forecasting Budgeting

Forecasting and Budgeting is often a very important part of projecting the success of the company when applying for credit with financial institutions, planning for growth of the company and making the appropriate capital investments, as well as keeping a close eye on operational efficiencies.

Management Consulting Business Systems

Our firm can help your company develop operational controls, develop accounting policies and implement them, and put the reporting systems in place to assure their implementation. For example, we can guide a client through the process of setting up an appropriate inventory management, record keeping and valuation system.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Many of our clients continually acquire other companies to expand their business or strengthen their position in various marketplaces. Additionally, we have been instrumental in transactions that involved the sale of our clients to public companies traded on major stock exchanges.

Representation with Government Agencies

We can represent you or your company in an audit before the IRS, State, Local or other agency such as Sales Tax, Rent Tax, Workers Compensation, or Department of Labor. Our 90+ years in business gives us insight into the audit process that other accounting firms don’t have.

Reviews and Compilations

We can compile your financial statements from the information generated by your accounting system. Through additional management inquiries and analytical techniques, we can “review” your financial statements. Most of our clients either need compilations or review reports.

Financing, Negotiating, and Obtaining Credit

Obtaining credit for working capital needs or infrastructure investment can be a difficult, confusing process. Our personal relationships with major banks, and their experience with our firm as being one of quality and integrity and enables us to introduce clients to lenders. We have been instrumental in helping our clients negotiate contracts and structuring deals from as simple a transaction as a commission arrangement to a sale of an enterprise.

Tax Consulting

Our firm provides tax compliance consulting to numerous clients. It may be in the income tax, sales tax, or payroll tax areas, but the goal is always to assure the company adheres to the rules of the various governmental agencies through the most efficient means of procedures.


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